Bruce Woods specializes in creating one-of-a-kind crocheted and hand-woven pieces. He has been featured in WWD, L’Officiel, Chic and other fashion publications as well as New York Magazine and Chicago Magazine. His designs are worn by celebrities, socialites and women of good taste who possess a high level of fashion savvy.

Primarily New York based, Mr. Woods’ design background is varied and extensive. His designs have been sold in major upscale specialty stores in Manhattan, including Henri Bendel, Bergdorf Goodman, Basuli, Diane Bis and Charivari to name a few.

As an innovative fur designer, Mr. Woods created the first line of fur and knit combination shawls and outerwear for the prestigious furrier Revillon Inc., in New York City. He also co-operated a boutique called Cloz located in the West Village. As the sole designer of hand-made knitwear for Chego Design House, he created the firm’s first Missy collection of sweaters and outerwear, and traveled to Taipei and Hong Kong to create and oversee the execution of the line.

Mr. Woods’ years in Paris, France included a major career highlight – designing hats and accessories for Yves Saint Laurent. He also sold many of his original garments to the exclusive emporium, Zoe Zoe Boutique.

For the last five years, Mr. Woods has been sharing his expertise in fiber/textile understanding and manipulation, offering insight into principles of fashion design and the industry, as an instructor at Columbia College, Chicago.

According to Mr. Woods, the texture of yarns should be the main griot or storyteller of the garment. He confines himself to only one or two stitches in order to create his highly sophisticated garments. His one-off, hand-made pieces are far removed from the overtly florid associations that crochet can carry. Mr. Woods’ garments display a modern, minimalist aesthetic sensibility knotted and intertwined with extraordinary craftsmanship.